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The Indispensable role of the FM industry at the airport

Facility Management professionals play a crucial role in ensuring seamless functioning at airports. From hygiene and housekeeping to risk management and compliance, these teams handle a wide range of responsibilities that are essential for the efficient operation and overall experience of the airports. They ensure sustainable practises along with a safe post-pandemic experience for the passengers and ensure safety with a large involvement of Human-IT-Enabled Solutions.

Role of FM teams at the airport

FM teams at airports are responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure and facilities. They oversee various aspects such as cleanliness, security, maintenance, and energy management. This team of experts ensures that the airport premises are safe, comfortable, and fully operational for passengers, airlines, and other stakeholders.

Hygiene and Housekeeping

Post-pandemic, it has become the need of the hour for facilities to be maintained with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The FM team carries out robust cleaning protocols, regularly disinfects high-touch areas, and ensures that washrooms and common areas are well-maintained. By upholding hygiene standards, they contribute to the well-being of passengers and staff, creating a safe and pleasant environment for everyone.

Sustainable Practises

Facility management teams are increasingly focusing on incorporating sustainable practises at airports. They strongly believe in promoting energy-efficient initiatives, waste management, and eco-friendly practises. By implementing green technologies and reducing carbon footprints, FM teams contribute to the overall environmental goals of airports. They also ensure compliance with regulations, reduce operational costs, and ensure airports are an environmentally responsible organisation.

Soft Services

Soft services, such as landscaping, pest control, and waste management, are integral to maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the airports. FM teams manage these services efficiently, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment for passengers. They collaborate with vendors, implement service level agreements, and monitor performance to deliver high-quality soft services.

Tech-enabled solutions

Tech advancements such as IoT, AI, and human-IT solutions have revolutionised the FM industry. The FM team leverages these technologies to manage airport facilities in real time, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency. From smart building technologies to predictive analytics, tech-driven solutions enable the FM team to optimise resources and provide a seamless experience for airport users. The FM team also oversees the maintenance of critical infrastructure such as HVAC systems, fire protective systems, and electrical systems.

Risk Management and Compliance

FM teams play a vital role in identifying and mitigating risks at airports. They develop and implement emergency response plans, conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance with safety regulations, and manage security systems. By proactively addressing potential risks and maintaining compliance, FM teams contribute to the safety and security of passengers, employees, and airport facilities.

Post-Pandemic Involvement of the IFM Industry at the Airport

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the significance of FM teams at airports. They have been instrumental in implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols, ensuring social distancing measures, and managing crowd control. Post-pandemic, FM teams will continue to play a crucial role in maintaining heightened hygiene standards, implementing new health and safety measures, and adapting airport facilities to changing requirements. Their expertise will be invaluable in ensuring a safe and secure environment for passengers and staff.

The Indian IFM Market

In India, the Integrated Facility Management (IFM) market is rapidly growing, driven by the increasing focus on operational efficiency and customer experience. The airport sector, in particular, presents significant opportunities for IFM providers. With the expansion and modernization of airports across the country, there is a growing demand for professional FM services. Indian IFM providers are investing in technology, skilled personnel, and specialised services to cater to the unique requirements of airports. The industry’s evolution in India is poised to contribute to the overall development of the aviation sector and elevate the standards of airport facilities and services.

To conclude, FM teams have been a largely growing industry in India and have become indispensable to airports to ensure seamless functions and operations, hygiene, and compliance. Their expertise in soft services, technology, risk management, and post-pandemic requirements is crucial for providing a safe, efficient, and comfortable experience to passengers and stakeholders. As the Indian IFM industry continues to grow, these teams will play a vital role in shaping the future of airport operations and enhancing the overall passenger experience.

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