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Women’s contribution to Tenon has played a significant part in ensuring Tenon’s growth & prosperity over the years. The industries we operate in- Integrated Security & Facility Management- have shown underrepresentation of women. But, Tenon is leading the change. We have women in every department who are making their distinguished mark in the industry. From leading Business Development teams to Accounts & Collections, our boss ladies continue to break one bias at every passing second with strong ambitions.

Tenon Family has no room for any gender gap or gender bias, which is reflected in the rising percentage of women joining our organisation. The expertise, experience, and talent of every individual are invaluable assets to our growth trajectory, and therefore, offering conditions of dignity, safety, and fairness are on the top of our agenda for making “Tenon” the best place to work for everyone.

Amrita Pandey, Sr. Vice President & HR Head, Tenon Group

This Women’s Day, we asked Tenon Wonder Women if they measure up to the success they envisioned when they first joined us. Here’s what they have to say:

Harsha Solanki, Vice President Marketing & Sales Strategy, Tenon Group

I am associated with Tenon Group for over 9 years now and have been provided with eclectic opportunities throughout my tenure. What I have learned while working at Tenon is that we all can be leaders. We are not only encouraged to lead, but we’re empowered to do so. I was offered purposeful work opportunities and allowed to learn at my own pace. It is a place where difference is valued & celebrated. Work culture of diversity, equality & inclusiveness exude from top to bottom in the company and thus Tenon is collectively working on #BreakTheBias

Sonia Kesar, Assistant General Manager, Tenon Group

Tenon FM is one of the most promising growing company. Being around 5 years in TenonFM, I feel very proud to be one of the oldest female employees of the organization. The experiences I gained here continue to inspire me to become a more important part of the company’s growth story. I must say opportunities are huge and if one is really talented then it is your cup of tea for sure. Particularly grateful to my mentors & my seniors that have been the guiding light for me throughout. I am really grateful to work in a place where there is no bias and which makes us grow to greater heights.

Jyoti Chauhan, Sr. Manager- Collections, Tenon FM

I have been associated with Tenon facility management as Assistant Manager (Collection) since 2017. Regular interactions and guidance from senior management helped me to improve my work efficiency and deliver the key responsibilities. Tenon support people to grow professionally. I really appreciate the work culture which provides us the opportunity to maintain work-life balance.” I am proud to be part of the Tenon family and would like to congratulate Tenon group on completing 27 successful years. I am proud to work for an organisation that invests and supports people in their professional growth whether it be at management, supervisor, or employee levels.

Ashima Massey, Assistant Manager- HR, Tenon Group

Being a part of Tenon Group for more than two years in HR Talent Acquisition Team, I would say this with pride that Tenon is one of the most promising and employee-centric companies, especially for women. It has given me ample opportunities to come up with innovative ideas in an amicable workplace culture. It never ceases to provide me with the opportunities to fuel my learning appetite. I owe my overall growth to Tenon. I am so proud to be a part of such an esteemed organisation and I’ll ensure more opportunities come up to women in future hiring.

Madeline Dennehy, HR Director, Tenon FM UK

Tenon FM is committed to building a workplace where women can thrive and achieve their potential. We recognise the value of celebrating women’s achievements. As HR Director is important to me that we raise awareness against bias. No employee should be treated less favourably for any reason, including their gender – #BreaktheBias Congratulation to Tenon Group on completing 27 years of growing.

Nelita Freitas, Head of Operations – South, Tenon FM UK

I joined Tenon FM seven years ago and one of the best qualities of Tenon FM is the incredible opportunity the company has given me for growth and advancement. I feel the Company has seen my potential and encouraged me to develop, trusting me with increased responsibility and empowered me to achieve my professional goals. I am proud to work for an organisation that invests and supports people in their professional growth whether it be at management, supervisor, or employee levels.

Racey, Sr. Accounts Executive, Peregrine Singapore

I joined Peregrine in 2018 as Senior Accounts Executive. My job scope is handling payroll to ensure accurate pay-out, to meet timeline and accountable for officers’ queries on the pay matter as well as manage accounts receivable to reduce credit terms from 60 days to 30days. Peregrine is a wonderful company to work for. Senior Management is very supportive and efficient. All colleagues are very friendly. I really enjoy my job.

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