Remote Monitoring


Technology has evolved to ensure automated asset management, protection and Employee safety with the use of IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which is the need of the hour to counter the current industry risks. Soteria focuses on real-time smart asset parameters and process monitoring, which helps in preventing the slightest possibility for breach, offering uncompromised process adherence. Soteria’s service portfolio consists of Centralised Security Monitoring, GPS monitoring, Power Monitoring and many more, each customized to meet the unique requirements of every customer. Our state-of-the-art command center, which is active 24×7, is empowered by robust and scalable technologies and expert teams, enabling us to detect, validate and deter any perceived threats. The motto is to offer solutions as a “Service That Fits” – the Tenon way of servicing its customers.


Soteria’s Real-time emergency response management involves using technology and data analysis to quickly and effectively respond to emergencies. It helps in utilizing real-time information to make decisions and coordinate response in a timely manner.

Security alert services at Soteria are designed to provide timely and precise information about potential security threats. This service uses sources like social media, news reports, and government agencies, to monitor security threats and provide alerts to client allowing people to take appropriate action.

BCPs are essential for minimizing the impact of disruptions on businesses and their stakeholders. BCP is a comprehensive strategy outlining a business’s operation during and after an unexpected disruption. The plan includes procedures to ensure critical functions continue including communication, IT systems, and supply chains.

Remote video surveillance involves using cameras to monitor and record activity at a location, with the video feed transmitted to our command centre for analysing. This technology allows for real-time monitoring of locations from anywhere anytime.

Campus security is a measure taken to ensure safety of students, staff, and visitors in a college or university campus. This includes the deployment of security personnel, the use of surveillance technology, and the implementation of policies and procedures to prevent and respond to emergencies.

Infrastructure management is the process of managing the physical and technological infrastructure of an organization including everything from buildings and facilities to IT systems and networks. Soteria ensures infrastructure management is reliable, secure, and efficient, and that it supports the organization’s goals and objectives.

Transport management refers to the planning, coordination, and execution of transportation. This service includes activities such as route planning, vehicle scheduling, and fleet management. Effective transport management is critical for ensuring people are transported safely.

Proactive breach detection is a cyber-security approach that involves continuously monitoring an organization’s systems and network for signs of security breach. It uses tools such as intrusion detection systems software to detect potential threats and respond to them before any damaged is caused.

A risk mitigation plan is a strategically designed plan to reduce the likelihood of a potential risk. It involves identifying potential risks, analysing their likelihood and impact, and developing and implementing measures to prevent or mitigating them.

Vehicle/GPS monitoring involves using GPS technology to track the location, speed, and other data of vehicles in real-time. This information is transmitted to a central location, where it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as fleet management, route optimization.