Remote Surveillance, Automation To Be New Normal: Manjit Rajain

The outsourced professional services stalwarts like Manjit Rajain, Global Chairman, Tenon Group say remote surveillance and automation will be the new normal in the post-Covid era.

The world is going through uncertain times due to the disruption created by the Novel Coronavirus. While businesses are everyday planning, re-strategizing to stay afloat, Outsourced Professional Services have also been dealing with the same crisis.

With a 5-7% EBITDA margin business across the globe, the sector finds that the remote surveillance, automation and artificial intelligence will gain more traction in the post-Covid world. Manjit Rajain, Global Chairman, Tenon Group of Companies, a manpower and facility management firm based out of Gurgaon said, “While automation has been happening over the past three years, each year this technology has been gaining momentum and size. In the Covid-19 world, it will expand at a phenomenal pace. So, remote monitoring, automation, use of sophisticated security equipment, contactless security will be growing and due to Covid-19, it is going to accelerate much faster. Remote monitoring would be a practice more than a norm.”