Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19 post the lockdown: Manjit Rajain, Tenon Group

The cleanliness of the workplace is paramount to maintaining a professional atmosphere and healthy office living. If your office space is dusty and unclean, it is much more likely to foster the spread of the flu and other diseases between your employees, hence sanitization playing a major role in that. Sanitization has always been imperative in the workplaces to prevent illness and maintain a clean environment. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, cleanliness has now got a bigger and comprehensive definition. Be a small- or large-scale facility, just because a work surface looks clean does not mean that it is sanitary.

With the spike in corona cases every day, India along with almost the entire world is currently in a complete lockdown situation. With an alarming level of spread and severity, multinational companies, IT firms, industries, corporate offices have adopted work from home policies to contain the coronavirus spread. However, essential service providers such as food and beverage companies, banks and hospitals are still operational with essential workers on duty, catering to the basic necessities of more than a billion people in self-quarantine. To ensure the safety of essential workers against COVID-19, it is crucial to take all precautionary measures to keep their workplaces clean and decontaminated. Going back to business-as-usual though is not advisable hence we need to build a safe environment for people to return to their normal work Life. We need to be prepared and plan to build a safe environment for when people return to work.