Operation unlock India – a global perspective: Tenon Group

Countries like Singapore and UK have opened up their businesses and public places and are adapting to the “New Normal” situation where precautions and being vigilant is the key approach adopted writes Manjit Rajain.

Today, everyone in this world is faced with an unprecedented situation on which even expert alerts & advisories could not give definitive clarity. All we can do to stop the spread or control of the pandemic is be circumspect at all times. From touching a surface to sitting next to a person, we must be mindful and preventive.

The impact of the past few months, where most countries have been under strict lockdown to try and curb the spreading of- COVID-19 has hit the economy hard. The pressure on the government to support revival with relief is immense. Therefore, it has become inevitable and prudent to lift the lockdown to curb the economic downturn, with a set of strict measures within which the economy drivers could operate without compromising with the health of their workers.