How Integrated Facility Management companies has revolutionized the QSR and Cloud kitchen maintenance and hygiene

All this is a lot to fathom for any food business which literally has enough on their plate to execute and may not have the updated protocols and best practices to ensure safety and hygiene.

As the pandemic has impacted most sectors, the food industry especially QSRs and cloud kitchens have seen a massive shift. Delivery, drive-through and pick up models have taken precedence and with that the urgent need to revamp health and hygiene protocol as well. This has required a transformation right from sourcing to manpower reskilling, kitchen management and most important packaging and last-mile delivery protocol. There is more thrust on health and hygiene conditions of the preparation area and the chefs. From clean kitchens to maintenance of personal hygiene, people working in this industry must take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their customers.