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Workplace 2.0: Emerging Norms in Integrated Security & Facility Management

Tenon Group has launched Tenon Talks, an interactive online webinar series that aims to build meaningful dialogue among expert opinion makers as yourself on Facility Management and Security, given the need for dynamic innovation in the current times. The first episode of this talk series – “Workplace 2.0: Emerging Norms in Integrated Security & Facility Management” – was hosted on Friday, 10th July, 2020 from 4:00 to 5:30 PM (IST). The panel of eminent thought leaders attempted to decode required new protocols for security & hygiene at the workplace for employees to safely return to the workplace.

“The idea behind launching the webinar format based series is to bring together the industry leaders across the Security & Facility Management fraternity on a common platform to delve upon the emerging scenarios in the space due to pandemic COVID19 & to proactively identify the need of the hour, in order to evolve the best practices for the industry. With the industry workforce being first line of defence, it becomes very important to identify the actionable solutions so that we keep the facilities, workplaces & employees safe.” said, Maj. Manjit Rajain, Global Chairman, Tenon Group of Companies mentioned during the inaugural session of Tenon Talks.

The webinar was attended by 300 participants, including 4 panelists, 3 hosts, and 1 moderator. The appendix provides an overview of the geographical and organizational background of the participants. The webinar was structured in an introduction with polls to and out more about participants; panel discussion with the presenters; followed by Q&A session on the basis of questions received from participants in the chat-box. This report presents a summary of contents of the webinar; the panel discussion and chat boxes dedicated to specific questions around the topic of Workplace 2.0: Emerging Norms in Integrated Security & Facility Management. 

Panel of the Webinar

Key Takeaways

Given below are 15 key takeaways from the webinar on “Workplace 2.0: Emerging Norms in Integrated Security & Facility Management. These are based on the opinions, suggestions and predictions shared by 4 panelists during the panel discussion.

  • India faces an urgent need to stop the spread of Covid-19.
  • The new normal will have to be supported by right technology, organizational agility and effective communication.
  • Safety and hygiene of visitors, customers and employees should be paramount under any circumstances.
  • Effective communication with all stakeholders including customers and employees on the initiatives adapted by organization is crucial.
  • Service delivery benchmarking and safety/sanitization certication will be integral to build trust with employees and customers.
  • To prepare the Security and Facility Management Industry for uncertainty ahead there needs to be larger focus on collaboration, cross-training and upskilling of resources.
  • Security & Facility Management industry directly supports the e-orts of the government to manage the pandemic, therefore it is vital to be prepared for challenges that are associated with regional and national lockdowns.
  • Every organisation must have a business continuity plan with a military-level preparedness for ensured seamless operations.
  • All stakeholders should invest in continuous training and re-training of all stakeholders as making mistakes is not an option.
  • Introduction and utilization of technology to complement human resources will assist in management of operations during the crisis.
  • Masks, thermal screening, hygiene maintenance & sanitization should be made mandatory at all public & private spaces.
  • SOPs via sensor cameras and centrally managed mobile apps will help manage multi-location offices in a controlled manner.
  • Establishing systems, processes, and technologies at the onset of the pandemic is bearing a rich dividend today.
  • Appropriate safety measures taken by employers to give the feeling of safety at office motivate employees to come back to work.
  • Social distancing will be ensured with contactless delivery & payment solutions at customer level & contactless tech-oriented warehouse operations at the workforce level.

Poll Statistics

In the webinar, attendees were requested to participate in the anonymous survey conducted by Tenon Group for evaluation of the public’s view on the new normal. Out of 300 attendees, 154 took the survey and shared their responses. 

Industry Representation of Participants:

Take on Employee Safety Initiatives:

  • 32% of the businesses are operating with 15%-30% of their entire workforce in compliance with advised preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.
  • 29% of the businesses returned back to work before 15th May, 2020 with reduced workforce and strict safety measures put in place.
  • 60% of the businesses instituted mandatory work from home policy for all employees after 15th March, 2020 when India crossed the mark of 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Understanding Remote Work & Psychological Safety:

  • 24% of employees find it easier to coordinate with their colleagues in physical office space.
  • 59% of employees would like to focus on their work after the lockdown ends and offices reopen with their full-capacity.
  • 20% of employees face the challenge of managing their time & productivity while working from home.

Concerns While Returning To Work:

  • 33% of employees are concerned about the following of social distancing protocols at offices.
  • 23% of employees expect their employers to make face masks mandatory during office hours.
  • 25% of employees believe that adherence to safety & hygiene practices would help them make feel “safe” at work.


The views expressed in this Webinar Summary Report are those of the panelists and the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the policies or opinions of Tenon Group or the organizations they represent.

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