Tenon Group launches Tenon Prime in the battle against COVID-19

The outbreak of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has (as per WHO) infected more than 375,498 people in over 196 countries, including 512 active cases in India (as per mygov.in) With the recent announcement by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi putting India in complete lockdown for 21 days, it is affecting lives in more ways than one can imagine.

As India is grappling with this health emergency, The Tenon Group, a leading Asian integrated security and facility management services provider, has taken proactive steps to lead the fight against COVID-19. Tenon FM, the facility management division of the Tenon Group, has introduced a new service – “Tenon Prime”, which offers on-call on demand cleaning, disinfection and sanitization services.

Tenon Prime is dedicated to catering to the overwhelming demand for sanitization in the wake of the spread of the coronavirus across the country. It employs specialist decontamination and sanitization teams equipped with hazmat suits, certified machinery and equipment and FDA approved chemicals. Tenon Prime’s team has on board trained professionals with specialization in infectious disease management and more specifically Certification in Clinical Management of COVID-19 by Medvarsity.

Tenon Prime utilizes processes and methods prescribed by WHO and Center for Disease Control (CDC). In the last two weeks, Tenon Prime’s team has been working around the clock across the country to sanitize workplaces, hospitals, educational institutions, and hotels, among others. So far Tenon Prime’s team has sanitized more than 5 million square feet of space.

Once India comes back to work after 21 days, businesses, schools, hotels, factories and others will all need to prepare proactively to think about sanitizing public spaces and work environments to give people the peace of mind and comfort that they are in a safe place! This is important because the viral transmission of COVID 19 happens through inanimate objects such door handles, computers, phones, etc. The control and prevention from COVID-19 necessitates regular and quick cleaning, sanitization and fumigation of private as well as public spaces.

Elaborating on the company’s response to COVID-19, Mr. Angad Rajain, the Global Head, IFM, Tenon Group said, “COVID-19 has challenged every one of us in more ways than one can imagine. Throughout the country and in each community Security and Facility Management teams will need to step up significantly to protect and provide a safe working environment. As we go through the 21 day lockdown across India, we need to start thinking about how we get our clients back to work. Tenon Prime powered Tenon FM is committed to providing a safe and sanitized environment for employees and customers returning back to work.”

At the moment, many businesses have been using off-the-shelf disinfectants and pest control based fogging as a remedy to COVID 19. It is important to note COVID 19 has varied life over different objects and government bodies around the world are still working to fully understand how COVID 19 reacts to different temperatures, environments, objects and cleaning agents. This is why it is important to have full awareness and be prepared to keep the environment disinfected.