The Tenon group is a trusted source for a wide range of security and facilities management services. With a wealth of experience and support strengthening our name, we are world class providers of solutions in this field. Our organisation creates secure and efficient work environments for our clientele, some of the largest and most respected blue-chip and home-grown companies in private and public sectors.. We deliver cost-effective measures to protect locations, facilities, personnel, and equipment while keeping them in top-notch conditions that sparkle like brand new.

The Tenon Group of Companies, an Integrated Security & Facilities Management Corporation has a global presence. We have headquarters in 6 different countries and have spread our services across India, having trained 55,000 employees in 71 branches. We have single handedly provided an extensive range of services to more than 1900 + corporate bodies who constitute our loyal clientele today.

In 2013 Tenon successfully expanded its global footprint and established its presence in Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka through Saudi Tenon and Tenon Lanka, respectively.

2014 was another landmark year for Tenon both in terms of market expansion and new business venture. Tenon made a significant foray in Netherlands through a joint venture with Amsterdam Arena International- specialists in the development and management of sports venues across the world.

In 2015 Tenon augmented its vision of expansion further by 100% acquisition of UK based Facility Management company – O&G Group and 51% acquisition of Singapore based Security Company – Frontline Security. This does not mark the end of our colorful journey as growth is a constant for our organisation. We understand that there is no end to learning, refinement and development and take great measures to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs in knowledge and ways to improve our internal workings and services.

Our company was initially seeded in India, beginning as a privately owned manned guarding service – Peregrine Guarding which then quickly established itself as the premier establishment in this space. The group’s vision for growth led to the expansion of the business and in 2007, Tenon Integrated Facilities Management Services was established.

In 2009 the corporation was further strengthened by the acquisition of a leading electro mechanical service provider – Rotopower. The business saw expansion through a launch of a new vertical – Soteria, the state of the art Control and Command Center offering remote surveillance services. These verticals have allowed us to expand our range of services, making them more comprehensible, stronger and therefore more readily able to satisfy any sort of customer demand for increased security and superior management of corporate facilities.