Securing Premises with Touchless Tracking

Be it a vehicle entering through the gate or a visitor walking into the lobby, security had to meticulously note down the vehicle number or the receptionist had to write down the visitor’s details. SaaS solutions provide a seamless and touchless management system that does away with manual intervention at every stage. Anuj Rajain, CEO, Soteria, Tenon Group, explains it all.

Security and safety of premises and workforce have taken precedence over other services under FM across sectors. Touchless technology provides protection and safety to workspaces, unlike the manual system which is time-consuming, tedious, lacks accuracy and allows manipulation.

The touchless visitor management system enables visitors to pre-register on the smartphone prior to reaching the premises, enables visitor screening, check-in through QR code and provides real-time data of all visitors. “The age-old practice of making visitors fill in a register with details like name, contact details and address, that too by hand, is long outdated, but unfortunately still widespread. Soteria has replaced this by digitising the entire process with a visitor management system that is like a self-service kiosk. It is as simple as setting up a new phone; a few simple questions and intuitive options for answers, and you’re good to go,” says Rajain.