Safe chemicals for safe reopening

Schools and colleges are high-traffic facilities with multiple high-touch surfaces. What chemicals should one use for cleaning and disinfection, that are simultaneously effective and safe to use around students and staff? Angad Rajain, Global CSO and IFM Head, Tenon Group deconstructs the decision-making process.

Classroom disinfection

The type of chemicals to be used depends on the surface. One needs to follow appropriate SOPs so that the chemical does not damage the quality of the surface, while still properly cleaning and disinfecting. As a precautionary measure, our disinfection SOP includes manual wiping as well, followed by ULV treatment, which ensures there is no accumulation of any chemical on the surface.

To maintain high standards of hygiene and ensure safety of occupants, we use only FDA-approved and WHO-recommended chemicals from brands like Diversey and Buzil Rossari. These chemicals are safe and non-toxic.