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In today’s highly competitive market, enterprises need to have a quality and safe infrastructure, efficient management and retention of skilled manpower in order to succeed in the industry.
The Tenon Group of Companies understands the importance of world-class security and FM in a corporate culture and thus, offers experienced services to help optimize every company’s performance.

A leading integrated security and facilities management corporation, Tenon Group has a striking presence in 3 countries, namely, India, Singapore and UK. Widely spread across India, the company has over 55,000 employees in more than 71 branches in the country. Backed by a team of exceptional leaders and a vision to become one of the best security and facilities management company.

Tenon Group provides a comprehensive range of services to more than 1900 corporate organizations. The core services fall under 3 categories – Security Services, Facility Services and Remove Services under the brands Peregrine, Tenon FM and Soteria respectively.
Tenon Group has also recently acquired Elite Cleaning, a UK-based facility management firm to expand their client base on a global scale. This acquisition will further expand the company’s expertise in the domain, boost their earnings and also complement their portfolio.

The company envisions a future where their services gradually move from just physical security into a space that seamlessly integrates man and machine for enhanced levels of security and management at an enterprise level. The company is also planning to be listed on stock exchanges and acquire some more companies across the globe to strengthen their position in the industry.

Today, Tenon Group is the fourth largest infrastructure facilities management company in India and the only Indian company to feature in the top 10 on a global level. As corporates around the world struggle with poor infrastructure, under performance, substandard productivity and inefficient systems, it is the support of partners like Tenon Group that makes business easier and smarter in a competitive and vulnerable business environment.

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