Modernizing Physical Security

“Originally published by Anuj Rajain on LinkedIn”

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the business world in unimaginable ways. How premises, people, and assets function and interact with each other within an organization has undergone a massive transformation. Taking the cue from nationwide lockdowns due to COVID-19 last year, the companies are now focused on rebuilding and restructuring for the next normal. According to McKinsey & Company, companies that are reimagining their operations will perform best in the next normal. The same stands true for physical security operations in an enterprise. 

 The pandemic has made cloud-based physical security a requisite part of the business continuity management plans. With a shift to the work-from-home model, it is now more important than ever that the vacant spaces are monitored and secured using technology upgrades. The security and facility management professionals should be empowered in a way that they can respond to security alerts and threats from anywhere, and at anytime, a capability that only technology possesses. 

Advancing towards efficient security

 The security industry in India which had been relatively slower in adopting technology is now being swept over by digital transformation. In the past year, we have seen the popularity of Cloud Connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions growing at an unprecedented rate. The companies lacking centralized security solutions faced enormous difficulties during the 2020 pandemic to manage their day-to-day security operations. This increased demands for efficient, smart, interconnected systems of CCTVs and Sensors that produce powerful insights and intelligence when integrated with an analytics tool.