Making offices safe for work

Many offices have no choice but to function throughout the pandemic. Once the second wave passes, the remaining offices too will see a return to work in at least some measure. When they do, they will require a level of cleaning and disinfection that was unheard of before the pandemic. Angad Rajain, Global IFM Head & CSO, Tenon Group shares his insights on how various areas, surfaces and situations can be made hygienic for office-goers in the near future

Cleaning: Pre- and post-pandemic

Pre-Covid, the cleaning process used to involve usage of basic chemicals for once-a-day cleaning activity before the offices opened, followed by cleaning of any spillage on floors in the cafeteria during the day as an ongoing process. The deep cleaning activity was carried out once a week on the weekends.

Post-Covid, the cleaning norm has changed wherein all the furniture, including desktops and chairs, are cleaned and sanitized at an interval of 2-3 hours with specialized chemicals which are effective in countering the coronavirus. All touch points including doors, switchboards, railings are regularly dusted on an ongoing basis during the day to reduce the chance of transmission. The role of housekeeping has been transformed from just cleaning and maintenance to holistic hygiene maintenance.