IFM Global head wears a classic timepiece to work as smartwatch becomes too distracting

Angad Rajain, Global Head , IFMTenon group, talks about his tech updates during the pandemic:

Tech time
Since we are only working twice a week in office, I tend to spend way more time looking and talking to a screen than before, the screen time have almost increased by 60-70%.Thanks to COVID-19 every meeting/ interaction is now on screen.

To go gadgets
I actually have 3 gadgets that I am completely dependent on these days- My iPhone, EarPods and for the last couple of months I have fallen in love with my new gadget – the Microsoft Surface. Earlier, I was good at doing everything through my phone but I have now shifted most of my work to the Surface because of the increase in the screen time. Everything that I can do on my phone I can literally do it on surface and it has enhanced my productivity tremendously.